Contextual advertising in Google and Yandex tool to attract targeted traffic to the website with extensive functionality and allows you to directly contact the target audience the Internet – users who want to buy the product or service. Contextual advertising works from the moment of creation of the advertising campaign, and the results in the form of sales and calls can be seen immediately.

Our Agency provides services of contextual advertising.

To order a contextual advertising at us – profitable:

  1. We use professional data gathering and evaluation of statistics of search queries, which allow us to gather targeted keywords and exclude irrelevant queries, “eat” a greater share of the budget and increase the cost of the campaign.
  2. Every client we offer an individual advertising campaign, specially designed for him, and give competent and detailed recommendations what to change on the website to attract more customers, increase their loyalty and increase profits. This allows you to immediately take up high positions at minimal prices.
  3. The main objectives of advertising – increase user interaction with the client: increase awareness, interest, loyalty and sales. For this we propose to calculate key performance indicators, and configure the Analytics system for online analysis of visitor behavior and engagement of the prospective audience.
  4. After the campaign we evaluate and analyze the indicators, draw conclusions about the effectiveness of the used methods and tools. We offer solutions to optimize advertising tools to attract more traffic and increase conversions.  

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