Periodically, every company updates its list of products and services, adding new offers. However, how to bring information about a new product to the target audience? Any marketing manager knows that working with new products is a titanic work.

Analysis of the advertising campaigns success for the last ten years demonstrates that the most active response is received on the network. The Internet is an excellent launching pad to start a campaign for brand recognition and product loyalty. Create a promo website and it will be your irreplaceable assistant in this business!


What is a promo website?

As a rule, it is a single-page website, which main task is to bring a new product / service to the market. Such websites are distinguished by a bright, eye-catching design, and contain information about the advertised product.


Why do you need a promo website?

A promo website is an easy way to tell a wide audience about your new product and attract the maximum attention to it. What is the difference between a promo website and a common one? Firstly, a promo website is dedicated to one product / service, it works for brand recognition. Secondly, a promo website is a way to attract an audience, so its structure and appearance are of more promotional than informative character.


I need a promo website. Where can I go?

Leave your application or contact us by phone. We will advise you on the issues of interest and create a promo website that will target your customers.



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