«Time is money», says a famous proverb

A modern person lives in a non-stop mode: often we don’t have time to go shopping and slowly choose the thing we need. Today, before buying a certain product, buyers want to learn more about it and look at similar offers before visiting the outlet to just come and pick up the purchase. You have a rich assortment and want to attract as many customers as possible, haven’t you? That’s why you should think about creating a catalog website. Selling your product only offline, you lose a lot of customers.


What is a catalog website?

A catalog website is a multi-page structured website dedicated to the assortment of the store / enterprise.

Each page is devoted to a separate product and contains its description (price, material, size, etc.). 

What is the advantage of a catalog website?

The customer can examine your products and get acquainted with all the offers before shopping; it considerably saves his time.

The catalog website   will provide him with full information about the required product and will push him to the target action (purchase). A pleasant bonus is an increase in the average purchase check – flipping pages, users are looking at a couple of other related offers.


Where to begin?

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