The task of any business – is to attract as many customers as possible.

Quality goods, high-level service, thought-out strategy are certainly the basis of a successful company, but here it is important to understand: without advertising you may simply not be recognized. Nowadays, audio and printed advertising are hopelessly outdated, we live in the Internet era.

Any marketing manager knows: if you do not exist on the Internet, then you do not exist at all. It does not matter if you have a shoe shop or make a packaging film – the Internet audience is so diverse, that any potential buyer will firstly look for the desired product on the Internet. And even if your store is at least ten times more beautiful than competitors, a consumer, who has not found your website, runs the risk of never knowing about it.


Why do you need a website?

  • People will know about you (most people are looking for goods and services on the Internet);
  • You will be contacted (potential clients will be able to call you and specify the necessary information);
  • It is presentable (the presence of the website demonstrates the modernity and solidity of a company).

The simplest and most effective way to tell the world about your company is to create a business card website, where basic information about the organization’s activities will be posted. Typically, it is a small website built on the principle of a business card.


A good business card website contains:

  • Name, logo and slogan (if there is any);
  • A short story about the advantages of a company (why a potential client should choose you);
  • Presentation of the main activities of a company (what do you do, the most popular services / goods);
  • Contacts (telephone number, e-mail, address, location map);
  • Price-list or information on what factors the cost of the service / product depends.

Succinctness is the key to success: an understandable website structure will help a potential customer not to search the necessary data for a long time. Due to a small number of pages, the cost of website development also decreases: a business card website is cheaper than a full-sized website with a large amount of information. However, you should not run into the first web-studio you’ve found or trust a student programmer the website creation: in order to retain the user and make a positive impression, a programmer needs to have certain skills and experience. A huge role is played by the design, feedback forms, sequence of presentation and layout adaptability. Only professionals are capable to develop a really “working” site.


The business card website is the “face” of your company on the Internet; therefore it is worthwhile to create it with maximum responsibility. Our studio guarantees the development of a quality website: we will help you to choose the design and explain which content will be most relevant. Our professional credo is close cooperation with the customer at all stages of the project development: no surprises and suddenness, as a result you will get exactly what you wanted.



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